Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Toke Body Lotion-Rad Soap Co.

Rad Soap Co. takes a delightful play on words with their super yummy body treat, "Toke" body lotion.  Yes, there is hemp in the moisturizer, and you may feel euphoric after slathering some on, but there is nothing illegal about it.   

I truly adore this body lotion, however. based on the creamy consistancy of this sandalwood, hemp, and patchouli love potion, it would be better called a balm or better yet, a butter.  I love to put this on before bed for a calming yet, sensual experience.  If you aren't an avid lover of spice, "Toke", may not be your first choice of fragrance, but Rad offers other more subtle delights to indulge in.  My mother simply adores their "Love" body lotion, which has a similar consistancy, but the gentle aroma of almond.

"Toke" is for those of us who indulge in earthy and spicy fragrance. I am thinking of us who love, the Bond No. 9 Perfume "Nuits de Noho" and/or "Success is a Job in New York", Thierry Mugler's "Angel", or even Tom Ford's "White Patchouli".  I love to pair this cream as a base to make these fragrances last longer.  And at $16.99 for 8 ounces, the price is quite reasonable in comparison to moisturizers designed to complement these designer fragrances ( I'm thinking the Bond No. 9 Body Silks which sell for $115.00 for merely 7 ounces or the "Angel" body lotion for $55.oo ).  If you like these and yes, I do too, still indulge, but for your pocketbook's sake give this one a go, you may like it better....

To be honest, it was not just the smell or the price that sold me , it was the texture; it is super emollient, even in the dry winter months... Every winter, my hands become painfully cracked, yes, from the dryness, but also from washing my hands so frequently between clients.  Alas, a holy grail! Rad Soap Co. prides it's self on maintaining quality and natural products.  With this being said, all of their products are made in small batches with natural ingredients, and few if any preservatives (safe), insuring a safe and truly decadent experience.  For the "Toke" moisturizer, Rad uses an Olive Oil, Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, and Shea Butter base...yum. 

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Enjoy and stay moisturized!

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  1. So, you're saying this Toke "Bomb" can be called "Special Sauce?" Sign me up!